Duties and Right of the Registered Dental Practitioner and Dental Practitioner License Holder.

Section 27.

The registered dental practitioner and the dental practitioner license holder.

(a) shall abide by the rules, procedures, notifications, orders and directives issued under this Law;

(b)shall observe the ethics of dental practitioner prescribed by the Council;

(c) shall have the right to submit of the Council, to fill in the register of dental practitioner the qualification as the dental degree, diploma etcetera;

(d) shall have the right to advice the Council for the development and success of the functions and duties of the Council;

(e) shall have the right to submit his grievances to the Council and may also have the right to obtain the advice of the Council.


Section 28.

The dental practitioner license holder has the right to carry out the dental treatment according to the type of license which he holds in accord with the stipulations.